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Salem United Methodist offers a variety of worship services, all aimed at deepening our faith in Jesus Christ

Sunday, 8:00 am

This traditional worship service has hymns and liturgy but carries along with the informal Salem style of worship. We offer Holy Communion every week as a part of this service. Attendance at this service runs between 40 to 60 persons. Many families enjoy this service as it offers a style and level of comfort that connects them with the recent history of the church. And many of our newer members have found the 8:00 service to be a comfortable place to re-enter the church and quickly feel connected. Others just like to get the day moving and the early service does just that!

Sunday, 9:30 am

These services are similar in preaching but different in music presentation. They are both driven by the music of our times. The service led by our Praise Worship Teams. Both services can be loud at times and even somewhat crowded (kind of a nice feeling.) We usually open with a set of music with songs you likely could hear on the Christian music radio stations. Attendance runs from 120 to over 200 at each of these services depending upon the day and schedule. We regularly have additional special music or activities

Sunday, 9:30 am

JAM is Salem’s Children’s Ministry! Children gather in large group for the Bible story, music, and movement, then break into age-level small groups to dig deeper and apply the story to their daily lives.  This year’s curriculum is Loving God, Loving Neighbor, where we’ll discover what the Bible has to teach us about being a person of faith in a community where not everyone acts or thinks the same way.  We’ll learn about Bible stories that teach us how to be true to our faith, while sharing God’s love with people who might be different from us.  All Preschool through 5th grade children are welcome to join us downstairs each Sunday from 9:30 – 10:45 am

Tuesday, 4:30 pm

Salem has an exciting ministry in the Lake Manawa area of Council Bluffs.  The Manna Campus offers a Meal & a Message every Tuesday evening.
4:30  pm – Children
5:45 pm – Family Meal
6:15 pm Family Worship

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